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​​​​​​Private Market Real Assets - Real Expertise™

Real assets have found a place in the strategic asset allocation mix of most institutional investors and can play multiple roles in a diversified portfolio including total return potential, inflation protection and lower correlations to traditional equity and fixed income.
Most portfolios have two broad objectives: income and growth. Bonds have traditionally been used to generate portfolio income, while equities are often employed to achieve growth.  In our view, real assets should complement a portfolio’s growth and income allocations because of added benefits of inflation protection and lower market correlations.

Adding real assets requires a well-defined investment objective, as well as a clear plan for implementation, including the size of the real assets allocation within the overall portfolio, the mix of real assets exposures, and the vehicles by which these exposures will be delivered. Whether a real assets allocation is attained through direct exposures or through a listed real assets portfolio, skilled portfolio allocation capabilities are required to maintain portfolio objectives and react to changing market regimes over time.

Our investment strategies focus on key Real Asset sectors: 
• Agribusiness
• Infrastructure
• Energy
• Metals & Mining
• Real Estate
• Timber & Forestry

Capital Innovations Managed & Advised Private Market Real Asset Solutions

Capital Innovations is focused on building managed and advised solutions that are intended to enhance our clients’ private markets programs and may include the following services:

  • Collaborative strategic planning and advice
  • Investment due diligence and implementation
  • Legal negotiation and review
  • Fund administration and reporting

Capital Innovations’ managed solutions are typically focused on small-to-mid sized investors and are customized for each individual client’s needs. Our advised solutions cover all private markets Real Asset strategies and cater to larger institutions with internal staff dedicated to private markets.

  • Diversified across leading General Partners, geography, property type and industry.
  • Dedicated Real Assets team has significant global direct and fund investing experience.
  • Hands-on involvement in portfolio construction

Primaries - Globally diversified private market Real Asset exposure

  • Small & mid-sized investments
  • Focused on quickly mitigating the J-curve
  • May include secondaries & co-investments

Secondaries - Exposure to diversified, mature private market Real Assets

  • Single fund and small portfolio purchases
  • Focused on off-market transactions at attractive discounts to NAV

Co-Investments - Exposure to diversified, direct equity investments alongside leading GPs

  • Small & mid-sized investments
  • Diversification across industry, geography & GP
  • Access to private market Real Assets at a reduced fee structure

Strategic Opportunities - Shorter duration, yield-oriented private markets investments

  • Current income component
  • Focus on J-curve mitigation

Helping investors make an informed choice is Capital Innovations Institute’s primary goal. The Institute develops ideas and research that expand the investment community’s understanding of Real Asset Investing. The Institute is a division of Capital Innovations, LLC a leading investment management firm based in North America. By partnering with professionals and academics in our field, we seek to educate clients, consultants, members of the broader investment community, and our own investment professionals. Please find a link to our original book, "The Handbook of Infrastructure Investing.”