Our approach to secondaries builds on our primary investment activity and is consistent with our overall investment philosophy. This means avoiding auction-driven transactions and focusing on less competitive situations where the process is either controlled by the fund manager or directly sourced from other investors. It also means focusing on smaller transactions in the specialized strategies and segments we favor and focusing on those transactions that are not as straightforward to assess.

We believe today's most forward-thinking companies are responding to the challenges and opportunities created by population growth, natural resource scarcity, climate change, urbanization and globalization. We see opportunity where innovation and sustainable practices intersect. Pursuing these new avenues is one way we're creating value and meeting customers' needs while striving to be good corporate citizens.

Innovation is ingrained in our DNA as a Global Real Assets Manager

​The strength of our investment culture derives in part from our emphasis on original thinking and fundamental research, complemented by our embrace of a diversity of investment strategies to help our clients achieve their unique investment objectives.

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Our Philosophy

We invest into private market Real Assets through a combination of primary, secondary fund investments and direct/co-investments. Investment activities for all three investment types are fully integrated. We believe that everything needs to fall under the same investment philosophy, and that the GP relationships formed through primary investing are essential to sourcing and executing secondary investments and direct/co-investments.

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Mandate Solutions

We provide global advisory services to investors relating to the set-up and management of a private markets Real Assets program alongside investment-specific advisory services. We provide global advisory services primarily to clients and investors who seek to expand and/or further professionalize their private market investing activities. Our services include the design and implementation of a private markets investment program, investment allocation planning (e.g. by industry, asset class, geography, or investment segment), investment level steering, cash flow planning, portfolio structuring, monitoring, risk management, and reporting.


By directly investing into portfolio companies alongside other investors, participants expect higher returns, increased portfolio transparency, higher control and a reduction in overall fees. We believe that investing directly alongside a private equity firm should only be pursued when all parties - the portfolio company as well as investors and the fund manager - can benefit from it. Our approach has been to leverage our strong primary fund manager relationships. In addition to the requirement that any transaction be within their core strategy, ensuring maximum alignment of interest with the fund manager.

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